Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My original framed photography

Here is some of my original framed photography.
These are 8x10 digital photos that come in a 13 1/2 x 16 1/2 matted frame(but I frame them as they are sold so I do not have pictures of all of them in the frames. To see more & to see what they look like framed go to
                                                                Creepy creek
Creepy building

The creek
This too shall pass

Amethyst collection

Finally woke up w/some artistic inspiration and motivation today! I've been in my office/art room since I poured my coffee this morning. I've been editing, listing and promoting all day. The good news is that it payed of and I made a sale!!! Now I'm just hoping for more.

Here are some pictures of the Amethyst line that I have been working on all day and some fun notes about Amethyst :

Amethyst is the birthstone for February and brings good luck to Pisces.

It is also said that Amethyst wards off the tendency to switch from one project to another. It protects from the unexpected(danger and evil). Good for financial stability and managing financial affairs! It is also my favorite stone and the prettiest stone in my opinion.
                                                           Amethyst square earrings

                                                               Amethyst bracelet

Adjustable sterling silver plated amethyst ring
Amethyst and green aventurine earrings
Like what you see? Check out the rest of my collection at

Thursday, February 18, 2010

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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

New painting and Sales

~I have some awesome sales on etsy and artfire for a limited time~

ON ETSY * Free shipping on all jewelry!  Spend $30 or more and I will include a free gift.  OR spend $60 or more and you may pick one Free item from the ten dollar and under category

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This is my newest painting

Find my handmade items on Etsy and Artfire

Hello my name is Cresha and I am starting this blog to share my art and my process with who ever finds it interesting. I have always been artistic but it wasn't until march 09 that I decided to get serious about it and now I have 2 art websites & where I make and sell my handmade creations. On my websites you will find one of a kind jewelry, original canvas paintings, framed photography and hand painted wooden far! I just started crocheting and plan on adding some crocheted items soon. Here is a picture of a painting I sold this week and a few pictures of my studio.

Today I have been organizing my art studio and painting a little bit. I have the window wide open although its a bit chilly outside, the fresh air feels so inspiring! I can't wait for spring:) I love warm weather, nature, the ocean, the country, trees and sitting in the sun any chance I get. I spend most of my days creating something whether it be painting, making jewelry, taking pictures or crocheting. I love listening to music on while working on my art. This is me at my first art show in Dec 09
being silly
just chillin