Wednesday, February 17, 2010

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Hello my name is Cresha and I am starting this blog to share my art and my process with who ever finds it interesting. I have always been artistic but it wasn't until march 09 that I decided to get serious about it and now I have 2 art websites & where I make and sell my handmade creations. On my websites you will find one of a kind jewelry, original canvas paintings, framed photography and hand painted wooden far! I just started crocheting and plan on adding some crocheted items soon. Here is a picture of a painting I sold this week and a few pictures of my studio.

Today I have been organizing my art studio and painting a little bit. I have the window wide open although its a bit chilly outside, the fresh air feels so inspiring! I can't wait for spring:) I love warm weather, nature, the ocean, the country, trees and sitting in the sun any chance I get. I spend most of my days creating something whether it be painting, making jewelry, taking pictures or crocheting. I love listening to music on while working on my art. This is me at my first art show in Dec 09
being silly
just chillin

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