Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Amethyst collection

Finally woke up w/some artistic inspiration and motivation today! I've been in my office/art room since I poured my coffee this morning. I've been editing, listing and promoting all day. The good news is that it payed of and I made a sale!!! Now I'm just hoping for more.

Here are some pictures of the Amethyst line that I have been working on all day and some fun notes about Amethyst :

Amethyst is the birthstone for February and brings good luck to Pisces.

It is also said that Amethyst wards off the tendency to switch from one project to another. It protects from the unexpected(danger and evil). Good for financial stability and managing financial affairs! It is also my favorite stone and the prettiest stone in my opinion.
                                                           Amethyst square earrings

                                                               Amethyst bracelet

Adjustable sterling silver plated amethyst ring
Amethyst and green aventurine earrings
Like what you see? Check out the rest of my collection at

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